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  1. Why are archaeologists always in such a rush?
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This game taps into one of the most basic animal instincts. It's only natural to get an adrenaline rush if you're being chased, and when angry demon monkeys are doing the pursuing, fighting really isn't an option. The only way to survive is to run for your life.

Running is simple and intuitive in this game, and easy to use controls allow players to really enter the zone during gameplay. Turning around corners, sliding under hanging objects and jumping over obstacles makes you feel like you're really running through a dangerous jungle. It's a blast. As the game progresses, the running, dodging and turning speed up.

At its fastest, Temple Run is a true test of the reflexes, making players move a mile a minute just to keep the runner out of danger. Don't blink!

Why are archaeologists always in such a rush?

Temple Run has controls that are built to make the most out of touchscreens. The runner is manipulated by simple slides and swipes on the screen. For example, swipe the screen left and the runner moves left. It just makes sense. The controls are sensitive without being too sensitive, and they are perfect for this game.


Temple Run Ozlatest For Java

In addition to swiping, the runner may be moved by tilting the device. The resulting move is gentler than a hard swipe, but keeping control of the runner is harder when actually moving the device itself.

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If the runner bumps into the side, the monkeys are instantly nipping at your heels. Avoid bumping the sides for success! The replay value of this game is extremely high, even after all characters and power-ups have been unlocked. Achieving a new high score is always a rush, and the rounds are short enough that the game can be played anywhere.

The game also offers a long list of objectives for players to achieve, if so inclined. Many of the objectives have witty names, and some are genuinely difficult to attain. They add a new dimension to this simple running game, and any true fan will put in the time to earn as many as possible. The graphics in Temple Run are bright and crisp without producing any detectable lag, which is essential for this type of lightning fast game. The sound is also top-notch and clear, with epic sound effects and music reminiscent of an action movie.

This game keeps players on their toes by switching up the course each round, making memorization of tracks impossible. The randomly generated tracks give this game epic longevity, since it's never the same game twice. With that said, the location itself never strays too far from the basic jungle setting, and this stalls any real sense of progression through the game. Having a change in scenery upon reaching a particularly high score would have been a nice touch. However, the sameness of the running tracks is not a deal breaker by any stretch. There is nothing deep about the plot of Temple Run, but that's part of the charm of this title.

You step into the shoes of a treasure hunter who has stolen a mystical idol. The demon monkeys guarding this idol really don't appreciate the fact that it has been stolen, and they will stop at nothing to get it back. Guide your adventurer to safety, or sit back and watch as the monkeys attack! That's it for storyline. For some players, this will be a disappointment. However, with an open-ended, endless game, this simple setup is sufficient.

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  5. Nothing provides motivation to play more than unlockable items. As you run through the course, coins line the path. Collecting and earning these coins enables players to buy some of the sweet power-ups or characters in the shop. The power-ups in this game are extremely helpful, making them a great investment. The power upgrades vary in price, and some of the better ones cost significantly more than the others, so careful saving and planning is suggested.

    It's better to level up the perfect power-up for your playing style before working to upgrade the rest. The following powers are available for upgrade:. Games Emulators. Role games. System Utilities. Apple iPhone OS. Maemo Nokia Internet Tablet. Sharp Zaurus. Mobile Gaming.

    Temple Run Game Review - Download and Play Free On iOS and Android

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